Does solving Wordle in three or less lines make you a genius?

29 March 2022

If you’re regularly figuring out daily word puzzle Wordle in two or three attempts, it might mean you’re possessed of above average intelligence, but not necessarily, says Karl Quinn, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald.

So, the next time some smug colleague or housemate comes over all Einstein-like just because they nailed that day’s Wordle, feel free to tell them to pull their head, with its averagely sized brain, in. As Loren Mowszowski says, “People who are good at Wordle can be chuffed about their language and problem-solving skills but I don’t think they can lay claim to being ‘smarter’, per se.”

Then again, it doesn’t mean they’re not either.

I’ve cracked a couple of Wordle games in two or three attempts. In the case of two lines I put it down to luck. For instance if the letters A, T, C, and H show green on the first line, an element of luck is necessary, given there are still numerous words formed by these letters. Batch. Catch (if it’s a dual letter word). Latch. Match. Watch.