Wordle, a one word conversation starter

26 February 2022

In a time where there are perhaps few safe, neutral, topics of small talk — even the weather is off bounds in some circles — it’s reassuring to know that Wordle is something we converse about in most situations, says Amelia Lester, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald. Provided of course whoever we’re talking to is familiar with the word game.

That leaves one subject to carry us all forward through parties and get-togethers with people we’ve never met before, or whose names we can’t quite remember, or friends of friends we’re not sure whether we like. That subject is Wordle. The world hasn’t been so united since late March of 2020, when Tiger King gripped the globe. Why is Wordle entrancing? The reason must surely be: it makes us feel smart. It’s easier than a crossword, but scratches the same itch.