All Twitter hashtags for Australian democracy sausage emoji

16 April 2022

Twitter democracy sausage emoji

The Australian federal election has been called for Saturday 21 May 2022. But election day isn’t entirely about having a say in who gets to govern Australia for the next three years, it’s also synonymous with the sausage sizzle.

While not a feature at every polling booth in Australia — they were only present at about one-third of booths in the 2013 election — partaking of a barbequed sausage after voting seems to be all that voters can talk about.

To get in the spirit though, Twitter has bought back the democracy sausage emoji, and members using any of seven election related hashtags in tweets will see the emoji appended to them. And here, listed below, are all the Twitter hashtags for the Australian democracy sausage:

  • #Auspol
  • #AusVotes
  • #AusVotes2022
  • #AusVotes22
  • #DemocracySausage
  • #MyFirstDemocracySausage
  • #SausageSizzle

And if you’re searching for polling booths selling fund-raising democracy sausages on election day, bookmark the Democracy Sausage website.


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