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Some emojis can show your age AND cause offence

15 October 2022

The use of certain emojis is upsetting some people, with the thumbs up, red heart, and tears of joy, among pictograms causing the most offense.

Sending a thumbs-up can be seen as passive aggressive and even confrontational, according to Gen Z who claim they feel attacked whenever it is used. Whether the chat is informal, between friends or at work the icon appears to have a very different, ‘rude’ meaning for the younger generation. A 24-year-old on Reddit summed up the Gen Z argument, saying it is best ‘never used in any situation’ as it is ‘hurtful’.

From what I can tell though, this is more a conversation about the use of emojis in professional or workplace settings, where I would have thought their use in general would be limited.

I’ve never used a heart emoji in anything other than personal communications, but I do use thumbs up from time to time. Here its usage is intended as a sign-off, a way of saying “all good, understood”, as the finer points of whatever was being discussed have already been hashed out.

I’ll stick to “all good, good bye, now go get lost and leave me alone” from now on…



All Twitter hashtags for Australian democracy sausage emoji

16 April 2022

Twitter democracy sausage emoji

The Australian federal election has been called for Saturday 21 May 2022. But election day isn’t entirely about having a say in who gets to govern Australia for the next three years, it’s also synonymous with the sausage sizzle.

While not a feature at every polling booth in Australia — they were only present at about one-third of booths in the 2013 election — partaking of a barbequed sausage after voting seems to be all that voters can talk about.

To get in the spirit though, Twitter has bought back the democracy sausage emoji, and members using any of seven election related hashtags in tweets will see the emoji appended to them. And here, listed below, are all the Twitter hashtags for the Australian democracy sausage:

  • #Auspol
  • #AusVotes
  • #AusVotes2022
  • #AusVotes22
  • #DemocracySausage
  • #MyFirstDemocracySausage
  • #SausageSizzle

And if you’re searching for polling booths selling fund-raising democracy sausages on election day, bookmark the Democracy Sausage website.


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All your emoji are belong to us

1 October 2021

Soon another thirty-seven new emojis will be available for use on your favourite oblong shaped device, says the Unicode Consortium. One, the melting face emoji, a representation of climate change, has quickly become a crowd favourite.