Bicycles and the damage they have caused by Paul Fairie

29 August 2022

Paul Fairie, a researcher at the University of Calgary, and humourist, has, based upon clippings from vintage newspapers, concluded that bicycles are responsible for all sorts of problems:

  • A decline in marriages
  • A decline in book sales
  • Appendicitis
  • A decline in furniture sales
  • An increase in the number of women smokers
  • A decline in grain consumption
  • The closure of a Christian society (so now we know…)
  • The decline in trans-Atlantic travel
  • A condition referred to as “bicycle face”

Bicycle face, in case you’re curious, is described as being “the sentimental side of that tired feeling”. It possibly also applies to cyclists riding on a footpath (especially when a dedicated bike lane runs adjacent to the same road), who look passed pedestrians as though they are invisible.


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