To make the longest ever baguette bakers must go the extra mile

8 May 2024

Meanwhile, back in the real world… chefs in France recently made the world’s longest ever baguette, which clocks in at a… morsel over one-hundred and forty metres in length. (My question: did they create the world’s largest oven to cook up this oversize stick of bread?)

I thought a one-hundred and forty metre long baguette was impressive, until I read in the same article that Italian bakers made a baguette about one-hundred and thirty-five metres long, a few years ago. (My question: why?)

The problem with the French record breaking effort though, is an extra five metres isn’t really a whole lot. Someone else will come along soon, and bake one that’s one-hundred and fifty metres long. If the French had made a baguette that was, say, one kilometre long, that would be a feat that might stand for some time.

In other words, to hold the world record for baking the world’s longest baguette, chefs really need to go the extra mile.