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The history of the dumpling by Miranda Brown

11 August 2022

An animated history of the dumpling by Miranda Brown, professor of Chinese Studies, at the University of Michigan. While dumplings feature prominently in Chinese cuisine, they may have originated elsewhere, possibly closer to central Asia.

As archaeologists pored over ancient tombs in western China, they discovered some surprisingly well-preserved and familiar relics. Though hardened over 1,000 years, there sat little crescent-shaped dumplings. So who invented these plump pockets of perfection, and how did they spread across the world?


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Bacon butties, the perfect reading companion

25 February 2022

If the fillings of the sandwiches we have for lunch are our only concern, we do indeed live in the lucky country.

While bacon and egg rolls have long been a favourite Australian snack, bacon butties — or, you prefer, sarnies — sandwiches filled with little more than bacon and butter, are apparently becoming more popular in Sydney cafes.

The bacon sarnie (or “butty” if you’re in Northern England) has long been sidelined in Australia in favour of the bacon and egg roll despite massive popularity in the UK. English truck drivers scoff bacon sarnies by the side of the road; Prince Harry once ordered a plate load for a post-wedding party.

I’ll probably stick to my regular coffee-only order in the morning, but for bacon buttie aficionados this sounds like good news.