Those Who Perish, by Emma Viskic

11 April 2022

Those Who Perish, by Emma Viskic, book cover

Those Who Perish (published by Allen & Unwin, March 2022) is the new novel from Melbourne based Australian author Emma Viskic, and is the fourth, and concluding, title in the Caleb Zelic series of novels.

Deaf PI Caleb Zelic has always been an outsider, estranged from family and friends. But when he receives a message that his brother, Anton, is in danger, Caleb sees it as a chance at redemption. He tracks Anton down to a small, wind-punished island, where secrets run deep and resentments deeper. When a sniper starts terrorising the isolated community, the brothers must rely on each other like never before. But trust comes at a deadly priceā€¦

For devotees of mystery and crime writing, Viskic will be speaking about Those Who Perish this evening, Monday 11 April 2022, at Brisbane’s Avid Reader Bookshop.