Books men should read

2 December 2021

Seven books to buy for men in your life, by Sheree at Keeping Up With The Penguins. Unlike similarly titled lists you may see published by book-sellers at certain times of the year, this is one you want to look at.

So, why on earth am I making a list of books to buy for men? Well, I’ve noticed that people do actually pay attention to these recommendations, and the “books to buy for men” page is almost always almost exclusively populated with books written by men. What about the books by women, the ones that might “normally” find a large audience of women, but would actually really benefit cis-men?

I could probably say more about the matter of why the “for him” recommendations issued by book-sellers, are filled with titles by men, about men, when there’s a stack of awesome novels written by women they could also be reading. If the question is asked enough though, perhaps more people will think about it.