#IndieApril and ways to support writers everywhere

7 April 2022

While there may not be a whole lot of Australian government support for authors in this part of the world, as book readers there are things we can do. Jake Uniacke posted a few #IndieApril suggestions on Twitter, but these are ideas that can be acted upon at anytime of the year.

  • Review their work. Goodreads, Amazon, and Google are good places to start.
  • Share their work. Spread the word on your social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, BookTok, and Bookstagram.
  • Buy their books. Through the author’s website if possible, or an indie bookshop, any bookshop really.
  • Interact with their content. Instagram stories, Twitter polls, and Q&A sessions, are a few suggestions.

Joe Walters, writing for Independent Book Review, also offers a number of suggestions.