Moonfall, by Roland Emmerich

6 November 2021

Apollo 11 was apparently out of contact with Earth for two minutes shortly before the Moon landing in July 1969. You can only imagine what happened during that period of radio silence. But if you didn’t, plenty of others have. One “explanation” (of many) posits mission controllers pulled the plug on the public broadcast of the Apollo transmissions because the crew had sighted a space ship of unknown alien origin “parked” on the Moon. So that’s it. Do you think the vessel is still sitting there? Hmm, might be a novel idea in that…

The “break” in Apollo 11’s transmission forms one of the threads running through the plot of Moonfall (trailer) the new film by Roland Emmerich. Also in the mix, by the looks of it, are echoes of the idea the Moon is hollow (I don’t think it is…) and a book called Who Built the Moon. To get back to Moonfall though, long story short, an unknown force or event has sent the Moon on a collision course with Earth. A small group of people think they know what’s caused it, and how to stop it – the Moon that is – from crashing into our planet.


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