Pulling Weeds, Folding Laundry, a book by Leslie K. Lau

22 August 2023

Sydney based Australian writer and artist Leslie K. Lau recently self-published a book, Pulling Weeds, Folding Laundry. These are tasks many people probably don’t care to think much about, let alone carry out, but Lau saw them in a new light — as moments between moments — while undergoing treatment for cancer:

Ultimately, it is a story of how a cancer diagnosis revealed the reality of life, how volatility and uncertainty was in fact the norm and not the exception.

It is the retelling of a journey of finding peace, contentment, and joy in the moments between moments.

It is a tale of navigating hard times, perceived or otherwise, and coming out the other end.

What a wonderful way to say slow down and appreciate those seemingly insignificant moments in life, since they are still very much a part of it.

Via Justin Fox.