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A few random ideas for naming your next art exhibition

5 July 2022

The Random Exhibition Title Generator was a bit of a favourite in the earlier version of disassociated, when I originally linked to it in 2011. While choosing a name for an exhibition is probably the least of an artist’s worries — because I expect just about every other aspect of putting on an art show is onerous — apparently more than a few people found it useful. I hope you too find it helpful.


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Dancing With No Music art show at aMBUSH Waterloo Sydney

27 May 2022

Dancing With No Music opening aMBUSH

The Dancing With No Music art exhibition opened at aMBUSH Gallery in the Sydney suburb of Waterloo last night. On show was the work of National Art School second year Master of Fine Art students, including Jessica Callen, Emily Ebbs, Joseph Christie Evans, Daniel McClellan, Nina Radonja, Wolfgang Saker, Kansas Smeaton, Jack Thorn, and Elle Wickens.

The diverse works in Dancing With No Music are anchored and inspired by a quote from German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Through their varied painting practices, it explores the concept that in making art, individuals conjure up certain methods, inspired by their own ‘music’. Much like the artists’ varying perspectives, when creating their work the ‘dance’ is to their own music and not a collective rhythm.

The exhibition closes on Sunday 29 May 2022. Check out a few more of my photos from the opening night here.


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