Windows 11 market share declining… in favour of Windows 10

3 May 2024

Well, this is something:

According to Statcounter, in April 2024, Windows 11 lost 0.97 points, going down from 26.68% to 25.65%. All those users seemingly went for Windows 10 since the OS, which will soon turn nine, crossed the 70% mark for the first time since September 2023, gaining 0.96 points.

A nine year old operating system is increasing market share over its much newer successor. Why does this not surprise me?

Windows 11 takes ever more autonomy away from users, while, at one point, also attempting to foist Microsoft products, such as the Edge browser upon them. That Edge may be pretty good is beside the point; let us decide what apps we run on our devices. Now there’s talk of ads featuring in the start menu. Staying classy to the last, hey?

Support for Windows 10 (Home and Pro) is presently scheduled to cease in October 2025. I say presently scheduled, because news of retreating market share may see Microsoft pull the plug earlier, in an attempt to shore up support for Windows 11. Whether users like it or not.

In terms of seeking (and implementing) alternatives to Windows Operating Systems, and forgoing Windows 11, October 2025 isn’t too far away. But it offers some breathing space.