The 2024 Miles Franklin longlist for Australian novel writing

16 May 2024

Well this is exciting, the longlist for the 2024 Miles Franklin literary award for Australian novel writing, has been published. Not sure how I missed the official announcement, but I went searching for a date the longlist would be unveiled, and instead found the longlist itself:

  • Only Sound Remains, by Hossein Asgari
  • Wall, by Jen Craig
  • Strangers at the Port, by Lauren Aimee Curtis
  • Anam, by André Dao
  • The Bell of the World, by Gregory Day
  • Edenglassie, by Melissa Lucashenko
  • The Sitter, by Angela O’Keefe
  • Hospital, by Sanya Rushdi
  • Stone Yard Devotional, by Charlotte Wood
  • Praiseworthy, by Alexis Wright

Praiseworthy, which won the 2024 Stella Prize, and Charlotte Wood’s Stone Yard Devotional, are notable inclusions. I loved Wood’s 2019 novel, The Weekend, and I guess a few other people also, as the film option was sold a couple of years ago, and a stage adaptation was also made.

I can’t — as yet — find a date the shortlist will be announced. Come to that, I couldn’t even find a date the longlist would be published, I just seemed to stumble upon it last night. I can’t figure out why they need to be so elusive about these things. The Miles Franklin is after all one of the highlights of the Australian literary calendar.


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