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Self-portrait by Andrew Pippos, for Openbook magazine

30 March 2022

Sydney based Australian author Andrew Pippos, whose debut 2020 novel Lucky’s was shortlisted for the 2021 Miles Franklin Literary Award, writing for the State Library of NSW’s Openbook magazine, an excerpt from an upcoming new book of his, I believe.

My father enjoyed telling people he’d never read a book in his life, as if this were a detail you might remember about him, as if it were some great stroke of luck, like never being issued with a speeding ticket.



Andrew Pippos wins 2021 Readings Prize

9 November 2021

Sydney based Australian writer Andrew Pippos has been named winner of the 2021 Readings Prize for his debut novel Lucky’s. Congratulations.

As any book lover knows, walking into a bookshop and being confronted with hundreds (if not thousands) of books to choose from can be overwhelming. It is also one of the best feelings in the world. The Readings Prize shortlist is here to help narrow the field a little, to encourage readers to pick up a book by a first- or second-time author they don’t know and to give it a try.

The Readings is an award that focuses on newly published authors, a few more prizes like this are needed.


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